The Kalama River is located in Cowlitz County in
Southwest Washington State and is one of the best
Spring Chinook and Summer Run Steelhead Rivers of
the Columbia River tributaries.  

The Kalama is also known for it's beauty!  Most of
the river is only accessed by non motorize drift
boats, so it can make for a great day kayaking,
fishing or sightseeing!

Kalama, pronounced kuh-LAM-uh, means pretty
maiden or flaming torch, and is an uncommon girls

The Kalama River is located in Kalama, Washington
and is a short distance from the Portland
International Airport (PDX)

We target the Kalama River in Washington State
throughout the months of April, May and June for
Spring Salmon.

Spring Chinook, or Springers, average 12 to 15
pounds, with some in the upper 20's.  Spring
Chinook are one of the most sought after table
fare of the salmon species.  

We generally target summer run steelhead
thoughout the months of May, June and July.  
These summer run steelhead range from 5 to 10
pounds with many in the upper teens.

With low pressure in the summer months, on the
Kalama River, these fish are very aggressive biters
and fun to catch.