As always Casey was great and really made the trip enjoyable, it is
nice to see someone that actually likes their job and brings a great
attitude to work.  His knowledge is really helpful and refreshing.

Again just wanted to say thank you and let you guys know your
doing a great job and would be highly recommended to friends,
family and co-workers.

All my grandson wants to do is go fishing with Papa and Captain
Casey again.  At my age, one of the most important things in my life
is to have these treasured moments with my grandchildren, and this
was one of those moments.

Casey is an outstanding guide- this was the first time out fishing
with a guide for me and he did an excellent job of putting us on the
fish and giving us an excellent day on the river..... i will look
forward to fishing with Casey in the future for steelhead

Humptulips River King Salmon, Chehalis River
,  Lewis River Spring Salmon Fishing Guide,
Casey Weigel, is helping you put these quality fish
on your table.

The History of
Salmon Fishing in the Pacific NW
goes back to the time
when the early Native Americans used Cedar Canoes
and nets woven out of Cedar Bark to catch the
returning Wild
Salmon and Steelhead Trout.

Today there are many species of
Native Salmon
which return each year to the Pacific NW Rivers to
Spawn.  These species include Chinook, Chum, Coho,
Pink and Sockeye

We fish for the
Chinook Salmon on Lewis, Kalama,
Humptulips, Chehalis and Satsop Rivers.  
The latin name for the Chinook is Oncorhynchus
tshawytscha, and other common names for this fish
include:  Black Salmon, Blackmouth, Chub Salmon,
Columbia River Salmon, Hook Bill Salmon, King
Salmon, Quinnat Salmon, Spring Salmon and Winter
Chinook Salmon are found all along the
Pacific Coast from California all the way up to
Alaska.  They spend an average of 3-4 years in the
ocean before returing to spawn in the fresh waters
of their birth.  They average anywhere from 10-50


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