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Call or email to talk to us about
opportunities for guided sport fishing for
September, October & November on the
Chehalis and it's tributaries!

September Specials $160 full day or $100
1/2 days on the Chehalis.  Call for October
and November availability and pricing.

The Chehalis River is one of the best Rivers in
Western Washington for Fall Salmon.  We also fish
this river upstream for steelhead and in the estuary
for Sturgeon.  The Chehalis, pronounced, sha-hay-lis,
is made up of several tributaries.

The Chehalis River begins at the confluence of the
east and west forks of the Chehalis River.  The
first major stream to enter the Chehalis is the
Newaukum River near Chehalis Washington.  The
next river is the Skookumchuck River near Centralia
Washington. Then the Chehalis is met by the black
river flowing out of the Capital Forest.  Finally the
Chehalis makes it's way to Grays Harbor County
where the Satsop River, Wynoochee River and
Wishkah River flow into the Chehalis and become
the Grays Harbor Estuary.

The Chehalis River is accessible by both Drift Boat
or Jet Sled.  This makes a great opportunity to
bring extra friends and family fishing.  

The Chehalis River is also very close to the Pacific
Ocean beaches.  We recommend booking a Fall
Salmon Trip to coincide with clam digging tides.

Commonly used boat ramps on the Chehalis include
the Mary's River Launch, Keyes Rd Launch, Porter
Launch and Cosmopolis.

Send us an email or call today to book your
Chehalis Salmon Fishing Adventure!
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